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Ironically, Rick Soloman recently committed to Pamela Anderson, another renowned sex tape star, outside of her days with rock-n-roller husband Tommy Lee. Anderson and Lee's producing tape was one of this first that was distributed on the web-based. After fighting and losing in court, the couple gave in and allowed their adhesive to be legally published. This ensured that they would garner some of the returns from the tape not to mention would take away of a underground distribution via the world wide web.

In contrast to Gilles plays a intimately promiscuous Lothario in the entire film, as it turns out he is ultimately a devoted family man. Married for 10 years, he and his or her wife Carole have two children, George who is almost certainly 9 and Juliana who actually is 2. Gilles attributes the birth behind his daughter with including him good luck and helping him land his part on "Ugly Betty". Despite his varieties of scene of undress wearing the movie, he maintains that he has continuously been quite shy. On the Today show, Marini said growing up, he would always thorough the bathroom door, although now, after seeing entirely of him in those movie, his mother and furthermore sister are "making amusing of me for that".